Thursday, 10 September 2015

Discontinuity discontent: In defence of the Bitter Vet

A long long time ago when I was still a semi noob I joined my first serious corp.  A pvp oriented corp and as it happened shortly after I joined a decision was made to move to 0.0.

The main decision was between NPC null or joining one of the big alliances.  There was lots of discussion and naturally not everyone agreed.  There was the small gang/solo super heroes that was very pro NPC space and anti "pet" space.

On the other side was the core of our "veterans" that favoured joining an alliance.  High skill point players that had done it all.  From high sec war dec's and piracy, to faction warfare, low sec piracy. They have been to -10.00 security and back.

As far as they were concerned, they had reached the end game - except for capitals.  In the end this is what swayed us when it came time to vote.  What most peeps realised was that the game of capitals, dreads and super capitals was a game best played in an alliance.

On the flip side all the other solo/small gang activities were still possible for us less ambitious members.  Indeed one could argue that we had better solo/small gang/sub cap fights against the NPC residents as part of the null sec alliance, than we would have had as NPC residents against the null sec alliance.

In addition a whole new world opened up for us - having players with capitals was great.  We had to scout, we had to do sub cap support, we learned how to move a capital ship, we died in droves as cyno bunnies.  We got fighters assigned to your Naga's when we were poor and had to run havens...  We were ecstatic when we killed an enemy capital or dread, less so when one of the guys lost one.  Above all we were all richer for that experience.

In time even my humble self skilled into a suitcase Archon - never dreamt of taking it into battle - just for flying my sub cap ships around when we deployed.  Even so one had to have several months of training in navigation alone to fly even a suitcase carrier semi properly.

And then jump fatigue hit.

The primary stated aim of jump fatigue as nerfing power projection.  I have no idea whether nerfing power projection specifically intended nerfing the use of suitcase carriers or whether they were merely collateral damage.

I was not against jump fatigue per se, it did however add friction to my and others'  deployments.

Now don't get me wrong I could still get around.  We still sourced ships.  It was just more difficult. A difficulty that I think stifled content - surely not an aim?

Whether the demise of suitcase carriers was intentional or not - either way represents a discontinuity.

I had invested significant amounts of time, skill points and isk to acquire and fly one of these ships - within the rules and with a reasonable expectation of a return.

And just like that, there was none.

My disillusion however is nothing in comparison to the guys that skilled into carriers and dreads with the intention of actually doing battle with them.  Millions of skill points.  Months of training.

And with Fozziesov, that too was gone.

Capitals were worthless.  I  am not against Fozziesov itself nor am I condoning Bitter Vet Syndrome, but against this backdrop of wilful disregard , I can understand it.

I know there were cries for change, but what about the principle of Primum non nocere?

Maybe CCP felt pressured into "doing something".  Maybe they do have a road map for capitals. Somehow I think they would have shared it if they had.  Either way, that horse has bolted.  We live and we learn.

The reason I address this now is that there are pressure coming through for new sets of changes.  Changes that will again affect higher skill point/niche players.

The first deals with logi.  Also here.

The other deals with links.

At least other calls for taking it slow are starting to come in.  Above all I hope the Vet's keep hanging in there.

I serves well to stress here that I am not against change - without change there will never be improvements - all we can ask for is considered change.  I do think we are making progress.

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  1. Interesting post. CCP has said they are discussing new Capital roles - I hope we hear something sooner rather than later.


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