Wednesday, 23 March 2016

No mojo. Enemies, opponents and the difference between players of the meta and players of the game.

I've lost my mojo and I'm struggling to get it back.  No dear reader, I'm not quitting the game (at this time) but post my bout of PVE I am still not in the mood to play EVE - despite a desperate but maybe not well thought out remedy.

 In a bid to get out of the rut I rejoined my old corp in null sec.  They are in one of the CFC Emporium Imperium alliances.  Despite my best efforts to get a corp of 90 members to move we are still there.  Selfish sods... ;-)

Their reasons though are sound - the corp has a number of active small gang/solo pvp'ers and their argument is that right now there are few other places that can provide us with the content we are getting.  Sure you can join some other null/low sec bloc or whatever, but then you have to go out and look for content.  Currently we can sit around almost on any station undock and content comes to us.

For someone like myself that is less than proficient at hunting and D-scan they do make a compelling argument...

The availability of all content in the world is not proving to be the catalyst to return my mojo though.  I am very lethargic.  I seldom log in.  I have joined one corp fleet.  I died once as hero tackle in a Jaguar.  I joined no PAP link fleets.  I am NOT a corp asset as it stands...

In retrospect, maybe the choice of corp was not that wise - I have a timezone difference of 11 hours between myself and the main body of the corp and I'm still playing mostly solo.  In addition, arguments of content or not I am starting to dislike what the Imperium stands for post what I call the kickstarter of hubris and maybe this too servers to scare away my muse, who knows.

The people in corp though are fantastic - we hunt, kill (and die to) MOA, TISHU, PL, NC and neutrals alike.  For this corp our opponents certainly are not our enemies.  It is what I have come to expect of the corp and something I really admire about them.

As an aside  this illustrates the dichotomy between the players of the game and the players of the meta.  None of the guys are ignorant about the goings on in the meta - they just look past that to the game - their game.  As long as the position the corp finds itself in serves the aims of the corp's game we will stay.  If and when it does not we will leave - as such the allegiance of the corp is much more to its members and the content than any alliance or other entity in the game.

Of course opponents will call us goon pets and the like, but there comes a time when all of us in never never land has to grow up and realise that this is a space ship game and for most of us minions it is just fun, entertainment - the players of the meta are almost irrelevant to us.

;-) That's my story and I am sticking to it.

P.S.  Even though I like my corpies and corp, due to the timezone difference and the fact that I have never lived in a wormhole I might have to jump corp again.  If you know of any good wormhole entities that will indulge an old, slow, sucky at pvp, wh noob  and at this time a very casual player of EVE, please let me know.


  1. TZ is a bit difficult to define. I work from home (for a South African company) and have to be "at work" certain hours. In practice because my timezone is favourable for South African after hours support I frequently get stuck with that.

    That said, there are two main times that I am often able to log in: around 21:00 - 23:00 eve time and then again an hour or two before downtime 11:00 - 13:00. With the caveat that work and life comes first and a lot of days I am really not able to log in.