Thursday, 28 September 2017

Dipping my toes back in...

Like most people that frequent a blog such as this, I like playing video games.  In my absence to EVE I whiled away my time playing League of Legends (LOL).

In many ways League is what EVE is not.

You log on, you queue up, and generally you get a match-up within a minute or two.  Depending on how well, or how poorly you play the match is over in 15 minutes to an hour.  No blobs.  Ten guys, five a side and you go at it.

It is a game where good players can excel, but also a game that is very team dependant - rare is the game that you win when someone on your team lags, disconnects or tilts badly.

The downside of that type of play though is the repetitiveness of it - yes, there is a variety of champions, but at its core it is a game of farm for gear and XP, fight, win/lose, rinse, repeat.

Image result for league of legends teemoWhich is the downfall of virtually all games - and hence our penchant for oscillating between a variety of them.

For some strange reason EVE has managed to draw and keep my attention more than most.

If you were to ask me why, I'm afraid I have no answer - you still have the farm, the XSP, fight, win/lose rinse and repeat cycles.  Good players still excel and if logi disconnects or you lag, you die...

Truly - you can suck just as much playing as a Teemo than as you can as a rifter pilot...

Which brings me full cycle to the topic du jour.

Image result for i can withstand anything except temptation memeForgive me Dear Reader, for I have succumbed.  A brand new 3 month subscription is mine.  Three months, we will see how it goes.

I withered and dithered a bit on where to go and what to do.  My old corp in null is still going strong and would welcome me back, but null does not really suit me.  I had thoughts of WH space, but are loath to commit too much time.  In the end I settled on FW.

It allows a for more casual time commitments and can be slightly more solo oriented (I play at odd hours).  It can pay for itself via LP, and you can fly cheaply.

I have applied to a smallish, but serious FW corp and to my astonishment they accepted my noob ass...  

We will see how it goes...

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