Sunday, 25 October 2015

Need to Feed

Whilst the title sounds evocatively EVE-esque (and we get to that) I have to lead with real life.

Your author has to work to eat.  He doesn't qualify for any meaningful social safety net and the recent groundswell of calls for a universal basic income has not as yet materialised into something tangible.

Until such a time as it does (if indeed it is even practical) your author works. As it happens, he is snowed under.

Your author plays the systems game.  His current gig is electricity.  More specifically payments, metering, monitoring and control of residential electricity.

Now I am aware that you don't tune into this blog to while away the sands of your time on the days of your authors' life - so without more ado I will tie this little trivia to two points very much related to the post.

The first is the nature of the service provided and the customers the system is serving.  Electricity happens to be an important commodity and our system provides that to tens of thousands of residents. In addition indigent citizens get Free Basic Electricity allocated on the first day of the month.  This in a country where service delivery protests frequently end up like this (or any of these).

When you make substantial changes to said system and the first of November is looming those images serve as a grim reminder of the possible consequences of your actions.

Now in all honesty your author does not work at the coal face any more - in fact for the time being he resides on another continent. He himself would not be in any physical danger, but he is cognisant of the fact someone, somewhere, just might be.  Nothing like actual real life violence and death in the literal sense, to really focus your attention to the job at hand.

Extra time has to be allocated to this pursuit, and the very nature of time is such that is finite - in order to allocate more time to one pursuit it has to be cannibalised from another.  In your authors' life EVE related pursuits is always the first victim.  Always.  The sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered.

Thus ends my first point and pathetic excuse apology for the radio silence on this blog.

The second point relates to the systems game, the basic income grant and related strategies like free basic electricity that is already a widespread reality in at least one country.

Technology is making more and more people obsolete.  What's more systems perform better than the now obsolete humans ever did.  The onslaught is relentless and more and more people will eventually share this fate.  If this guy is to be believed even software and systems will be obsolete in about 15 years:
I see coding shrinking as a widespread profession. Not because software is going away, but because the way we build software will fundamentally change. Technology for software creation without code is already edging toward mainstream use. Visual content creation tools such as Scratch, DWNLD and Telerik will continue to improve until all functionality required to build apps is available to consumers — without having to write a line of code.
~ CRUNCH NETWORKCoding Academies Are Nonsense

I had never really liked social security and welfare.  In retrospect it stems from the vantage of the "have" vs the "have not".  For the "haves" social security is just an expense.  Money showered on the undeserving lazy.

Of course when one is confronted with the idea of obsolescence yourself new respect is given to the view of the "have nots". What would one have social security look like if one was one of them?

Even if obsolescence was not an issue - what if the basic income grant (BIG) ever came to be?  Is it practical?  Is it even possible? Would I still hold my stressful job or would I quit and go on the long holiday?  What would you do?  Will you while away your hours with EVE?

Of course all that is just speculation, ifs, butt's and maybe's.  Much more practical to concern ourselves with the here and the now.  In the absence of a BIG, we are left to use what we've got.

Due to circumstances I have struggled to play.  Things are however looking up.  I have access to my desktop computer again. I can scan.  I can run two clients simultaneously. Final (work!) systems testing will happen today or tomorrow.

I am not totally out of the woods yet.  The SO might feel a little bit neglected and someone has to mow the lawn, but I am getting there!

Just like real life one's EVE existence needs a bit of sustenance.  There is no BIG in EVE and precious little charity.  The Lai Dai Corporation is not unionised. Except for rookie ships nothing is free.

My lengthy spate of neglect have brought about significant rot and decay.  I have survived by cannibalising assets.  Selling stuff.  I have drawn down my balance sheet and ISK to the point where a vigorous injection of ISK is needed for me to have fun in the game.

This unfortunately means some sort of PVE grind is in order.

I still have a 3 billion ISK incursions vindicator to my name (I'm not that poor yet ;-)).  Of course the only character that can fly that now has kill rights against him, so park that idea (for another 15 days at least!).

Instead I have decided to take a look at the COSMOS missions.  I heard about some lucrative implants to be had...

In addition I am looking into higher end wormholes.  Wormholes is an area that I have never really explored - only been in and out, never lived in one.  Heard good things about C5/C6 cap escalations as well.  Of course dependent on finding a good wh corp to join and the result of the COSMOS missions as per above - this requires some expensive hardware!

I am also aware I still owe readers some info regarding ganking avoidance.  In this context I have skilled (well semi skilled up - takes a long time) up a character for mining, and hope to get to this sooner rather than later.

Always the humble servant, I will endeavour to report on my findings - all in good time.  Until then - happy feeding!

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