Wednesday, 6 July 2016

EVE Malaise

Yes dear reader, I have battled hard but I have lost.  I am giving EVE a rest.

It is worth noting that I regard it as but a battle and not necessarily the war.  I have after all "rested" several times before.  One such hiatus  lasting almost two years...

There is something different this time around though.  The things that kept my EVE self going for a number of years just does not appeal any more.  Things I regarded as fun now leaves me indifferent.

If I were to return it is clear that I would have to approach the game in a very different way.  And there lies the rub.  In order to go to the places I have not been I would have to invest a significant amount of time and toil - time that I for the moment don't have and enthusiasm that I do not feel.

Without further ado I bid thee adieu.

* I have a few draft posts saved - it is possible that I might find the time to finish these and publish them.  Longer term though, if I am not actively playing EVE, it feels wrong to be writing about EVE.

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  1. o7

    Can I haz ur stuff? :P

    When you come back, we'll be waiting. Fly safe!