Monday, 5 June 2017

Worth doing well

A somewhat belated post found in the drafts bin - first penned when the infamous WWB was still in full swing.

For some World War Bee was one of EVE's most momentous events.  For your author it was one of the greatest non events.

Due to the Fabian Defence, many members in the CFC Emporium World War Bee, despite its name is the war that wasn't.

This post however is not about the war, the winners or the losers.  No, no - this entree only serves to explain why your slacker of an author was ninja hacking in relic sites.  Relic sites best accessed via wormhole.

During one such excursion I was spit out in the south east of New Eden, only to be confronted by this:

Yes that is 23 bubbles.  On that gate.  For the four of us.  Such dedication.

And no dear reader... your author is not back, in fact he currently does not even have a functional eve client (or subscription).

For the time being I am merely cleaning out the old blog.  If time, energy and enthusiasm prevails I will post more of these draft snippets.

1 comment:

  1. Had to be Russian space. The Russians were quite dedicated in their bubble placement back when deployable bubbles did not decay over time.